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When purchasing a new or used boat for sale, it pays to do your research. With the advent of online boat sales classifieds. You can easily review new and used boats on offer in the marketplace today. The best part about owning a new boat is the warranty aspect. Boat manufacturers will usually provide a couple of years warranty on the parts/ fittings onboard. The hull warranty can be up to 20 years depending on the terms set by the boat builder.

In Australia if you purchase a new boat from a local boat dealer, you can expect them to provide you with excellent service through-out the purchase process and well after the delivery of the boat. If the vessel is being built overseas, usually you will provide a deposit for them to commission the boat build. (They should give you an estimated time for building and delivery) You will usually provide the payments in stages as the boat reaches completion.

The boat dealer will arrange the importing of the vessel and pickup the boat as it is lifted off the container ship into your Australia port. They should complete a pre-delivery check of the vessel and make sure everything that they promised you is there and in good working order. The boat dealer/salesperson should also personally deliver the boat to you and ensure you sight the pre-delivery check list and are generally familar with the operation of the boat and understand the safety aspects concerning your particular boat. Don't be afraid to ask questions!

Another popular option these days, is to import a boat to australia from overseas. The growing trend is to import boats from the USA. There are great deals on offer, but you should go with a reputable boating company whom employ independent marine surveyors and have a good track record for importing boats. They should have all the systems in place and outline all the costs assoicated with exporting the boat from america and finally importing it to Australia. Once in Australia the boats electrical and anode systems need to be converted to suit Australia conditions. Boat Insurance companies usually require an inspection report before any boat which is imported from overseas can be insured.




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